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Covid Update May 2020 - Currently we are seeing all clients virtually as the studio is closed for in person appointments. Please join our email list below to receive updates and special events. And please pardon some of the dated information on this website. Stay safe and well.
We pride ourselves in keeping the integrity that Joseph and Clara Pilates intended, while challenging ourselves to keep it fresh and fun.

Pilates Classes

Pleasure Point Pilates offers Private sessions and Group classes.
Privates and Duets Pilates

Pilates Privates
& Duets

Private Pilates Sessions with all levels of Certified Instructors.

Class Description

Semi Private Pilates-Pilates Equipment Trio

Equipment Trio
& TRX Classes

These classes happen weekly - reserve your spot online or give us a call to book.

Class Description

Pilates Mat Class

Pilates Mat

All levels are welcome.
Book online to ensure your spot.

Class Description


What is Pilates

Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates (pronounced "pih-lah-teez"). Pilates exercises are done with concentration and precision, emphasizing core stability and spinal flexibility. The exercises are done on specifically designed equipment or on the floor (matwork). Pilates simultaneously lengthens and strengthens your musculature, working the entire body as an integrated whole, resulting in the most balanced body imaginable. It is unlike any other exercise!

What can Pilates do for me?

  • Tones and firms
  • Aides in weight loss
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Balance and control
  • Increases energy
  • Build lung capacity
  • Improves Pre/Post Natal life
  • Posture, and core strength
  • Improves coordination
  • Bone density
  • Joint health
  • Healthy breathing
  • Better circulation
Pilates Classes

Scheduled Classes

Classes are 55 minutes in length. We require reservations for all Classes and Private Appointments. In-depth class descriptions, click here.

Pilates Mat Class

Introductory Private Session


Intro to TRX Pilates Class

First Three Privates

3 Privates for $175

Pilates Mat Class

Intro to Pilates Equipment Trios

4 Classes for $100


Movement as Medicine Worshops

Gentle *Myofascial Release techniques with Anna Lovato

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a therapy using relaxation techniques to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, release tension and promote ease of movement.

  • MFR with Breath
    Breath and Visualization techniques will be introduced and workshoped to release muscle tension, increase range of motion and promote awareness.
    Call for Details.
  • MFR with Compression
    Adding to the breath work, we will add gentle compression to tight muscles promoting blood flow to constricted muscles and tendons.
    Learn more.
  • MFR with Stretching
    Building on our foundation from the previous weeks we will add in gentle stretches aided with breath and compression to alleviate tightness, and static energy in the body.
    Learn more.

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Expert Trainers

All certified by reputable organizations

Personalized Programs

Maximize your results with instructors who care

Variety of Classes

Keeps your Pilates training interesting and fun

Monthly Workshops

Rotating workshops give you new things to focus on

Boutique Environment

Clean, new and up-to-date equipment


Support of others makes being healthy fun and inspiring


Pilates Certified

We've built a great team to help keep your body in tip-top shape.
Kristina Kincaid Glavis
Kristina Kincaid Glavis
Senior Certified Pilates Instructor
Renee Menard
Renee Menard
Senior Certified Pilates Instructor
Aimee Fitzgerald
Aimee Fitzgerald
Certified Pilates Instructor
Maria Gibeault
Maria Gibeault
Certified Pilates Instructor
Kendra Kirk Headshot
Kendra Kirk
Certified Pilates Instructor

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