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Anna Lovato Headshot

Anna Lovato

Anna Lovato has been teaching movement since 1995. She holds three comprehensive Pilates Certifications one from Core Dynamics, one from Pilates Santa Fe and finally from Body Arts and Science International (BASI). Her most recent certifications include a Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist from the Center for Women's Fitness and an advanced Pilates Mentorship with Karen Clippinger.

While teaching Pilates, Anna recognized a need for hands on techniques and chose to study Traditional Thai Massage at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and with Master Teacher Pichet Boonthume of Hang Dong, Thailand. While she no longer practices massage she often uses the techniques with her clients.

Her Pilates practice today is focused on rehabilitation, bodywork and personal fitness combined. What she loves most is those “light-bulb” moments when a client has that spark of understanding that ties the mind with the body to achieve precise form in movement. She strives to empower her clients, by providing them with the tools to take control of their physical selves and improve the quality of their own lives.

Jacky Tani Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jacky Tani

In 2010, Jacky discovered Pilates after suffering a partial ACL tear from a skiing accident. A second doctor's opinion offered the possibility of rehabilitation (without surgery) which included Pilates. An amazing full recovery sparked the desire to learn more about Pilates and so she pursued and completed the esteemed BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. She is also a certified Pre and Post Natal Pilates specialist.

Jacky is eager to teach and preach the powers of Pilates, having experienced its healing powers first-hand. An active wife and mother of two teenage boys, she understands the desire to get back into shape and to stay fit. Jacky's methodical teaching approach can be attributed to her previous career in Computer Science. Her classes strongly emphasize awareness and precision - key elements for efficiency and success!

Renee Menard Headshot
Senior Certified Pilates Instructor

Renee Menard

Renée's love of movement began at age 3. Her two Certfications in Pilates began in 2004, one from Pacific Movement Center and the other from BASI, Body Arts and Science International.

In addition to Pilates Renée has been teaching and performing dance since 1999. She is a certified Zumba Instructor and certified Xtend Barre Workout Instructor. You can often find her dancing, swimming and taking care of her new son Izayah.

Renée feels passionate about being able to help challenge and support her clients while they meet their fitness and wellness goals. As a Senoir Certified Instructor she works with all types of clients from athletes to the aging guiding them to feel strong, flexible and pain free! Her intagrative approach to the Pilates method can be applied to any movement or everyday activity, helping to reprogram patterns of chronic pain and stress in the body.

Aimee Fitzgerald Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Aimee Fitzgerald

Aimee Fitzgerald has been an active part of the Santa Cruz fitness and wellness scene since moving here in 2005. Her background in dance and yoga led her to Pilates and she was ecstatic to discover the work accessed some hard-to-reach muscles in her own body that had been chronically tight and weak. She found it deeply satisfying to help others tap into the benefits of Pilates and was awarded her comprehensive Pilates certification by the Pacific Movement Center of Santa Cruz.

Aimee loves being a part of the Pleasure Point Community and when she’s not teaching you may find her studying at Verve coffee shop, surfing Pleasure Point or training for various triathlons, races and rides in the area.

Maria Gibeault Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Maria Gibeault

Maria Gibeault is a certified Pilates instructor through Body Arts and Science International (BASI). She manages her own back pain and scoliosis with a combination of Pilates and traditional fitness approaches. Her most current obsession is the TRX Suspension System, which she recently finished a course becoming a qualified trainer for.

Her goal is to provide a workout that is challenging, effective, personalized, and fun. She aims to have her clients walk out feeling strong and happy with an appreciation for the mind-body connection that Pilates requires and an inspiration to create balance in their own physical lives.

Kristina Kincaid Glavis Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Kristina Kincaid Glavis

Kristina Kincaid Glavis, a native Californian, grew up being outside. Whether hiking in the mountains, long-distance bicycling, running, or spending time in the Pacific, life has always been active. Continuously looking for a new way to challenge herself and maintain a healthy body, Pilates was a natural addition to her lifestyle. Beginning in 2007, she discovered the physical benefits of Pilates – flexibility, mobility, and strength. She was equally intrigued by the mind-body connection that Pilates cultivates.

Kristina holds her comprehensive Pilates certification through PhysicalMind Institute. Prior to moving to Santa Cruz, she worked alongside Physical Therapist in Atlanta, GA in Pilates based Physical Therapy studios.

Kristina truly enjoys introducing people to the Pilates method and working individually with each person to obtain a strong and healthy body as well as an enhanced awareness of the mind-body connection.

Emma Schacter Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Emma Schacter

Emma was born and raised in San Francisco—growing up she loved rock climbing, practicing yoga and cycling. After graduating from college with a bachelors degree in Photography, she spent some time working and traveling, and ended up finding her way to Santa Cruz. It was here that Emma found and fell in love with Pilates. For her, Pilates is therapy both for the body and the mind. No matter what has been going on outside of the studio, once there, everything else sheds away.

Her goal in teaching is to provide others with the same physical challenges and accomplishments that she finds in Pilates, as well as some much deserved “me time.”

Brenda Barceló Headshot
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor

Brenda Barceló

Dancing, teaching, and art have always been among Brenda’s greatest passions. She has been a wood carver since a very early age, she’s been an Argentine tango dancer and instructor for over a decade, and she taught Spanish and Medical Spanish at the University of California, Santa Cruz for almost two decades. In 2006 she co-founded Tangroupe, the UCSC Argentine Tango Club.

Brenda received her Pilates Mat Certification through Balanced Body University and has continued her Pilates training ever since. She has attended numerous Pilates seminars, including Pilates On Tour, where she met and learned from some of the best instructors in the world, including Alan Herdman.

Brenda feels that Pilates Mat teaching combines her passions in a very rewarding way because through her classes she helps others lead happier, fuller, and more pain-free lives.

Mary Silva Headshot
Certified Pilates Instructor

Mary Silva

Mary found her passion for Pilates while receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from California State University, Long Beach. Being a dancer, she found Pilates to be intuitive and perfect for her personal style of exercise. She loves the way Pilates makes her body feel as well as being challenging, strengthening, and elongating.

She is a certified Pilates instructor though Body Arts and Science International (BASI) with a specialization in Dance Specific Pilates exercises. While living in Long Beach Mary had the pleasure of studying under Karen Clippinger who gave her a strong understanding of the kinesiological principles underlying in Pilates exercise program designs. Mary recently moved to Santa Cruz and is excited to share her passion for Pilates with her clients.

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